Independent Broker for Employee Benefit Plans

Benefits Analysis Corporation was founded by John J. Dugan in Downtown Troy, OH more than 45 years ago.  We help companies provide health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance benefits.  We specialize in health care benefits.

Our Mission

We understand that providing employee benefits is expensive but very important.  We use innovative solutions to help our clients control health care costs so they can continue to offer those benefits.  Our brokers use strategies like self-funding, level-funding, incentive-wellness programs, MEWA's, Captives and other aggressive strategies to control health care costs.  We also work to bring transparency to the health care industry.  We teach employees how to use  tools provided by insurance carriers to shop for medical services and utilize consumer-driven health plans like HSA's FSA's and HRA's. 

We don't believe in the traditional brokerage model, which assigns an account manager after the sale.  The broker who sells you the plan is also the broker who services your account.  Our brokers conduct employee meetings, manage employees who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid or the exchange, and works with HR Managers and business owners during the renewal process. 

Health Care costs are rising faster than any other sector in the U.S. and we believe it's the job of the benefits broker to help companies control those rising costs.

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